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Eight Leading Latino Chefs

Hispanic Magazine
Hispanic Magazine enters the kitchens and minds of eight leading Latino chefs from around the U.S

1/22/2007 — Latino chefs are delighting palates from coast to coast with their handiwork in the kitchen. Some are self-taught; others trained at culinary schools. Some adhere strictly to tradition; others like to mix it up a bit. Whatever their muse, their cooking is delectable. Hispanic Magazine is proud to present top Latino chefs in the United States. Learn what keeps diners coming back again and again to their restaurants. Adolfo García Río Mar, New Orleans The Katrina and Rita hurricanes hit the pause button at Río Mar, but within months, hard work put everything into play again. Adolfo García will never forget the spirit of cooperation among restaurateurs that followed or the challenge of reuniting his dispersed staff. In the end, he persevered, even managed to open a new restaurant, La Boca. The restaurant: Casual with concrete floors and exposed brick walls with not overly fussy service. The food: Seafood, seafood, seafood. Specialties: “ Ceviche is our calling card, ” says García. His favorite is the Panamanian ceviche, a nod, no doubt, to his heritage. Inspiration: His family always encouraged him to do what he loved, and after attending the Culinary Institute of America, he decided he wanted to be a chef and restaurant owner. Home cooking: A favorite meal is roast pork and a Panamanian favorite, arroz con gandú. Fantasy dinner date: Alejandro Fernández of Pesquera Winery [Grupo Pesquera]. “ I would cook a simple meal of roast baby pig or lamb with roasted asparagus and a bottle of ’ 82 Pesquera Gran Reserva, if he has any left. ” Río Mar, 800 S. Peters Street, New Orleans, 504-525-3474

By Katharine A. Díaz

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