La Boca

Thrillest- The New Orleans steakhouse power-rank Published on 11/6/2013 By Scott Gold


1. La Boca
Warehouse District
In a city filled with manly, American steakhouses, many of which are historic, it might seem crazy that an Argentinian-style joint takes this power-ranking’s top prize. Crazy, that is, until you get a load of the place. Simple and perfect, everything Adolfo Garcia does at La Boca is spot-on, from the Pisco sour to the expert preparation of beef cuts not normally seen in your average red-white-and-blue steakhouse, like flank, “outside skirt”, and hanger steaks. Want sweetbreads paired with an Argentine vino? Empanadas and housemade chorizo and blood sausage? They’ve got that, too.

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La Boca

870 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Sabor Argentino